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Chelsea Parkplace is located at Capital Town, San Fernando, Pampanga.

The Chelsea Parkplace is in one of the most progressive cities in the province of Pampanga, San Fernando City.

If you did not know any better, you could swear that you are in Metro Manila, what with all the wide open highways and numerous commercial and business complexes dotting the landscape. The Chelsea Parkplace is actually right smack dab in the middle of downtown San Fernando, which means you are never more than a couple of minutes away from anything that you need or want.

The great thing about living in San Fernando that most people do not realize is that it is not that far from Metro Manila at all. It is just an hour away by bus, which is why, if you work in Quezon City, you can still easily commute to and from work easily. However, you do not really have to go through all that trouble because you can actually find plenty of rewarding career opportunities within San Fernando these days, thanks to the city’s rapid financial growth.

Are you looking for schools for your kids? There are actually quite a lot of them in the immediate vicinity. Along the same street that the Chelsea Parkplace is located, you can already find a couple of schools - the Old Pampanga High School, the Our Lady of Del Carmen School, and the Sure Values School. If you are looking for colleges and universities, you just need to drive a couple of minutes downtown to find a couple of them, like the Asian College of Science and Technology, Central Luzon College of Science and Technology, AMA Computer College, and many more.

If you think that since you will be living in the province, shopping will be slim pickings then you are wrong. In fact, you will be surprised at just how modern San Fernando City has become in the recent years. You do not have to worry about shopping because you just need to take a 15-minute drive from the Chelsea Parkplace towards the downtown area to find several large shopping centers. There is the Capital Town Shopping Plaza that is just down the street from the condominium. You can actually walk towards there if you wanted to then downtown, there is the SM San Fernando Downtown.

Now, if you really want even more shopping choices and also a bit of family fun, you can take a short twenty or thirty minute drive towards the NLEX junction. There, you will find the massive SM City Pampanga and beside it is the Sky Ranch theme park. Another great reason why you should at least consider moving in the Chelsea Parkplace is that you are just 45 minutes away from the Clark International Airport.

If you are planning to take a trip abroad, or to one of the country’s beautiful local destinations, you do not have to travel that far. It is actually much better to go through the Clark International Airport rather than the airports in Manila because it is less congested, and the traffic going there is not as stress-inducing.

These are just some of the neat things that you will find in the immediate neighborhood of the Chelsea Parkplace and there are even more left for you to discover. There’s even more coming in the near future as the city of San Fernando continues to grow.

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