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First, and most important of all, the Chelsea Parkplace provides more than ample security and safety features for the residents. There are teams of security professionals who make sure that no intruder will ever set foot inside the condominium. You can always find one or two security personnel guarding all the entrances and exits to the condominium, and they also conduct regular patrols all throughout the Chelsea Parkplace complex.

Just to make sure that no one escapes the gaze of the security professionals, dozens of security cameras are installed in the public areas of the condominium, including the elevators, corridors, and hallways. In addition, at the ground floor are retail spaces. You won’t need to leave the condominium complex if you ever need to run a couple of errands because at the first floor, you will find convenience stores and other retail services.

Aside from the security and safety features, the Chelsea also has a lot of recreational amenities. Of course, one of these amenities is the pool area. There are two swimming pools located on the second floor of the condominium - one is a wide lap pool and the other is a smaller and shallower wading pool for kids. Around the pool is a lounge area furnished with lounge chairs, huge umbrellas, benches, etc. When you are in the pool area, you will not really feel like you are in a residential condominium. It feels more like you are in a resort hotel.

If you are thinking of throwing a party and you have invited quite a lot of people, you can rent the Chelsea’s multi-purpose function rooms. These rooms can sit more than a hundred people each, and they are decked out in classical decor that does not break away from the overall theme of the Chelsea. Regardless if you are throwing a birthday bash for your kids, or if you are hosting a small convention, any one of the function rooms will work for you.

A neat amenity of the Chelsea that you will not find in any other condominium is the Speakeasy bar and restaurant. If you want to grab a couple of drinks after work before you go home, you just have to head on over to the speakeasy bar and tell the barkeep what you want. Now you do not have to go anywhere else whenever you need a breather from all the stress in your workplace. In addition, the speakeasy also serves a variety of good food, so if you do not feel like cooking dinner after a tiring day at work, you can drop by and they will take care of you.

There are plenty of other amenities provided by the Chelsea Parkplace, and you will surely discover all of them once you become a permanent resident. Megaworld surely knows how to create lavish residential buildings that provide every creature comfort that people need. You will never regret investing in the Chelsea Parkplace.

  • Pool
  • Pool deck
  • Fitness Center
  • Daycare Center
  • Function Hall
  • Speakeasy Lounge
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